Georgia Lacrosse Foundation

Georgia Lacrosse Foundation

Membership Benefits

By far, we’re the world’s largest and most rewarding lacrosse club. And we love our members. Here’s how:

Lacrosse Magazine
Your membership includes a free subscription to Lacrosse Magazine, the flagship publication of US Lacrosse. Each issue is full of compelling feature stories, eye-tantalizing photography, tips to help you play, coach, or officiate better, and more. Check out, and

Access to Events
Be they tournaments, featured games, instructional clinics or professional development seminars, we do lacrosse events first-class. We talk about the passion for the game — nowhere is that more evident than getting you on the field to play, coach or officiate. Our events bring your membership to life.

We’re the “how-to” capital of the lacrosse world with access to the game’s bestplayerscoaches, and officials, who are more than happy to share their knowledge with their fellow members.

Eligibility for Grants
Everyone wants to grow the game, right? We can help you on your local level with a number ofgrants and programs that do everything from provide sticks to, and we’re not kidding, help save lives. Your membership makes you eligible.

Free Admission!
The Lacrosse Museum and National Hall of Fame houses the sport’s archives and legends. Located about 25 minutes north of BWI Airport, it’s worth a visit on your next lacrosse trip to the D.C./Baltimore area.

Enrollment in a Chapter
Your membership in US Lacrosse automatically makes you a member of one of our 64 local chapters, with an automatic donation to that chapter in your name, to boot! You’ve already helped grow the game in your area. What do chapters do? Tons. Click here to learn more.

Insurance Coverage
The insurance program is so good, it’s got its own page.

Ten Percent Off!
Your member card or member ID number gets you 10 percent off all purchases at the US Lacrosse Store, in person or online.

You can customize cell phone ringtones and group your favorite songs on an iPod playlist. With a US Lacrosse membership, you can customize your…lacrosse. US Lacrosse members get a personal website that uses simple click-and-drag technology to display just the videos, news, and info you want. Just add [email protected] and [email protected] to your contact list and you’ll get a personalized email with a direct link to your personal website.

That Feel-Good Feeling
Forgive us, but lacrosse tugs at our heart. It may for you, too. If you can never do anything else, joining or renewing a membership in US Lacrosse each year is the single best thing you can do for the sport. Your membership gives kids their first sticks, trains coaches, trains officials, and makes lacrosse safer — and that’s just a start. We call it “Raising Your Game.™” US Lacrosse members do just that 400,000 times a year, and then some.

And More…
Get all of the above, plus all these perks from our national marketing alliances and partners.