Georgia Lacrosse Foundation

Georgia Lacrosse Foundation

Open Door Lacrosse—A place to grow

It is the mission of ODL to promote the growth of lacrosse to non-traditional populations and areas throughout Georgia.  Through equipment donation programs, used equipment collection programs, grants, scholarships for camps, leagues, travel teams, clinics and other instruction programs, ODL seeks to promote lacrosse participation from populations that might not otherwise have that opportunity.  ODL will act as a liaison organization and work collaboratively to introduce, support and expand lacrosse in non-traditional and underserved communities to embody diversity of players, coaches, officials and supporters.  If you would like more information or would like to volunteer to assist ODL in our efforts to grow the game,  please contact Michael Butkus (email link - [email protected] ).

Open Door Lacrosse Activities


Where:  Decator High School

Who:  Post High School teams from around the Metro Area